RMP Plans & General Services

Roof Maintenance Plans (RMP)

  • Regular maintenance is vital to ensure that your existing roof system is performing at its very best.
  • We custom tailor your RMP to suit each individual roof section of your property.
  • Your RMP provides up to date information on the current condition of your roof and it’s life expectancy.
  • Your RMP is a pro-active approach; saving you time, money and reduces the risk of large repair costs caused by an unmaintained roof system that can prematurely fail.
  • Interior damages caused by roof leaks will be greatly reduced with your RMP. It’s our goal to eliminate future leaks all together so you’re not faced with interior repair bills!
  • Budgeting for the future replacement of your existing roof system is wise and responsible financial planning. Our monthly payment schedule makes it easy to fit into your yearly budget as well.
  • Maintaining your roof to keep the existing insulation dry is both economically and environmentally beneficial; it saves replacement costs when re-roofing and reduces the carbon footprint by reducing landfill waste.
  • Did you know that most roof system warranties are void if regular maintenance is not performed?
  • These are all just a few reasons why it is vital to keep a regular maintenance plan in effect.  Without one, you may jeopardize the integrity of one of the biggest investments you have, your building!

Infrared Inspections


Southland Roofing Inc. offers an infrared inspection service that will determine if any areas of your roof are saturated with water, heat-loss, etc.

This service is currently offered only in conjunction with potential roofing projects, but if you would like an inspection, please feel free to contact Dan Glasser to setup an appointment. Inspections are available at an additional cost depending on the square footage to be examined. Included in the inspection, is a general report detailing our findings, which will be provided to you.


RV Roofing (Winter Service Only Dec-Feb)

Southland Roofing Inc offers complete R.V. & Trailer roofing services, with several different options to suit your personal needs and provide our clients with a worry-free, leak proof roof.  We take scheduled bookings for RV projects during the winter months, providing you with the same great Duro-Last Roofing system we use on all our commercial & industrial projects.

We provide mobile repair service, as well as in-house restorations & repairs. Pick-up and drop-off is available for your convenience.

The roof on your recreational vehicle is just as important as a roof on any landlocked house. It protects you and your home from some of the destructive forces of nature. Part-timers, as well as full-timers, need to plan regular maintenance for the tops of their RVs. Proper roof maintenance will keep your rig snug and dry. Whether you have a Motorhome, Camper Trailer or Cargo trailer, we service them all.